Rootwars Begins another game

Rootwars Begins another game Tonight we kicked off another round of rootwars. This round will be great as we pit a few good teams together. Team Zion has decided to stick around and defend the current rootwars title.

Below I have posted the team to box layout for this round. May teams were contacted recently and asked to express an intrest, We appreciate that show of hands. We took the first 10 applications submitted and emaild the teams. The first 3 responses were then taken and put onto boxes to battle it out with Team Zion.

Tonight in #roothack on I will open the King of the Hill public server up too. We do not publicly post these ips, as we like to limit the ammount of players.

We also have a router in the games for all users to play with, It is located at

With that news, I give you another round of rootwars, I hope all teams will not fail to submit a whitepaper, and there will be plenty of knowledge recieved. Good luck to all teams involved.

Lets have a clean game.