Rootwars to begin....

Rootwars to begin…. Friday, September 20’th at 7:00 MST, Roothack will be kicking of a full scale rootwars. H3C will be putting a team together to play this round.

During the next week EPiC will be contacting some of the teams that have applied to arrange the game. If you are interested in playing, please fill out the form under the apply section with your teams info. Be sure to include a legit email, so we can contact you.

We will have 5 boxes up, This will allow for 4 teams outside of the H3C team. The Operating systems will most likely be the same, or different versions of the same flavor.

We are hoping this game will be a good one as we plan to get as many players as we posibly can. Please be sure to have read the rules, and be prepared to be judged depending on the whitepapers you submit.