Sunday Status

Sunday Status Open Season has been full of many events, Being sure we are not covering half of what will be in the whitepapers, we want to post the following status.

The Cyber Knights appear to still have control over their server, and are satisfying judges with open services and server uptime.

Team Pokemon is no where to be seen, however their server appears to be under their control and the services are satisfying judges as well is their uptime.

Team Third Eye Blind appears to be in control of their server, and has proven to be one heck of an offensive force in their compromisation of both orion and thrugdush.

Masters Of Deception suffered some internal team problems and had their server compromised by more than one team early on. In the fight for ownership of orion, it would seem the kernel no longer loads. This box has been turned off, and Masters of Deception wished good luck next time.

Media Assassins had their server compromised early on in the game, however the teams with root privileges managed to kill the O.S. while trying to fix some mistakes M.A. had made with permissions. Good luck next time Media Assasins.

That leaves three boxes up, two active teams. We are still looking for Team Pokemon.

7:00 MST tonight marks the 24 hour mark until local access will need to be granted to remaining teams. This is a full account with shell access to each box left in the games by Monday night at 7:00 MST.