Weekend Game Layout and Information

Weekend Game Layout and Information This weekend (Friday) at 7:00 MST We will be kicking off one of the best rootwars so far. We will have some good teams playing, and we have completely redone the Roothack network.

All teams will be expected to have at least one member in #roothack on irc.hack3r.com at 6:30 MST on friday to recieve the login information for the network and boxes. We will have two backup teams on standby in case a team fails to show.

The layout so far for the games is as follows:

Server Name: hades.roothack.org
Team Name: The Cyber Knights
Team Members: vile, Ta|0n, skilar, Serinth, atomix, toll

Server Name: erinys.roothack.org
Team Name: Team Pokemon
Team Members: Charizard, Mewtwo, Primape

Server Name: erebus.roothack.org
Team Name: Third Eye Open
Team Members: Lattera, ph33r, ocyrus, hypnosses, mercy, anarchist

Server Name: orion.roothack.org
Team Name: Masters Of Deception
Team Members: VbFavre69, Bigbowser, Phreaked, Moth7, arpop

Server Name: thrugdush.roothack.org
Team Name: Media Assasins
Team Members: ref0rm, drug5t0r3, mgrd, xyz359, d3thstar, yogi

The Servers are currently filled. We look forward to the games. Good luck to all those involved.