Welcome to Roothack.org!

In celebration of 16 years, The Roohack.org wargames are back, with sirens single player levels 1-20.

The wargames are being relaunched in an effort to continue the dream of EPiC. The Sirens levels contain his original text and concepts from 2002 to 2007.

For those unfamiliar with the sirens wargames, these are single player hacking puzzles consisting of individual challenges that are worth 25 points each, and in order to score points you capture flags hidden within the game. The challenges are on a live environment that will require some Linux knowledge.

How to play

Playing requires an invite key, to get a key join Slack or irc and ask for one. Or if you are up for the challenge another way is hiding in plain sight and is worth 50 points.


The about page explains it better but this site contains an archive of the history of Roothack and how the live hacking games began.

Enjoy, and let the games Begin!