Masters Of Deception - - Slackware 7.1 - Default Install

Third Eye Open - Mandrake 8.1 - Default Install - Redhat 7.1 - Default install.

This is our paper from the previous weekends games. We did not go into too much detail here as we believe we will be chosen to play again as reigning champions. We dont want to give too many tricks of the trade away.

Team Shaded Youth took control of Orion during a KOH game, this is the whitepaper they submitted.

This is the paper that Unixon of Team Dynamic Posted

This is the white paper submitted by khalaan from team c1sc0. They were located on -

This was submitted by the Dynamic Duo. They were located on a mandrake 7 box.

This is the whitepaper submitted by team arrogance. They were on a slackware linux box.

This is the whitepaper from this games winners.

This was submitted by team Swingr after being knocked out of the games. They were in control of Erinys at the time.

Team DeFunctIfIKno.

This was submitted by core, Team Zion was the winner of this rounds games.

Our paper..

This is our whitepaper.

Good Stuff!

New Slackware virus being spread..

Whitepaper submitted by team parallax. Storm Linux, Slackware, RH 6.0

There was more..

Whitepaper submitted by A_D