Team Dynamics Whitepaper

This is the paper that Unixon of Team Dynamic Posted
We started off with a slackware 7.0 box wich was
pretty secure at the begin. CODE_POET wrote a
modified shell wich required a login with 2 passes
one for the user and one to proceed so you can enter
the shell. Also we had a backdoor wich restored the
passwords to default and kicked off all users so if
we got rooted we could easely recover the box
because we could login under another user for
security purposes. We updated to ssh2 so we wouldn't
get sniffed. And used sftp (via ssh2) to get files
from acheron so it was mostly all safe. Then we
removed some suids and install some sniffers and
installed nmap because on acheron we couldn't use
the syn stealth portscan nor the udp and some other
options. Then the grace period was finished and we
started sniffing with ettercap. We found the
password of Ebyte's account on acheron. It seemed
they had some problems because we only spotted one
service open. After looking at the commands Ebyte
used we saw his team had ssh on port 1337 we managed
to get the password and got in as root. CODE_POET
gave grace a normal user account on the box but
after he noticed she tried to root it he killed the
connection and put her account on inactive. Ok that
was 1 team they were running on linux mandrake I
beleive. Then we started on hacking into the other
team (atleast CODE_POET did because lazy me (unixon)
was sleeping)) Ok then we only needed to get team1
after a long time sniffing trying to exploit getting
info and such. (that box was really good secured)
they noticed our backdoor so they removed it from
acheron. They logged in their box and rebooted for
some reason a few mins later one of the team members
sent an msg on irc saying their box was fucked and
got stuck on the boot process. So that was the point
they stopped the game I think. We will not put the
source code in this whitepaper because it might be
used for illegal purposes. :) This was our