Another update

Another update In confusion, boredem, and a rather obfuscated manor, team zion decided it would be a good idea to drop the root password to their server in a chat room. Confident in the security of the server, and the permissions they had set on the “root” account, Zion was positive that no one would be able to do anything with the server. In fact, Zion was sure no one could ssh in as root.

With the clock ticking, The Kung Fu Gurus took control of the server, denying access to zion to get back in. Currently the Kung Fu Gurus are attempting to gain administrative access to the server, as the root account has less privliges than a normal user.

We are excited to see the whitepapers, As we would like to see how the Guru’s locked Zion out of the machine. All teams that are not playing still are being asked now to submit white papers for grading.