Rootwars Status Update

Rootwars Status Update Monday - September 23rd

This weekends games are still raging on with three teams left to battle for the remaining servers. Below we will try to inform you of what has happened during this amazing game. While we do not post logs, or get to detailed untill the games are over, We hope to give you an idea of what has happened so far.

Grace Period - We started off with all teams accounted for, and the grace period was began without any problems. During this time The Kab Networks team was disqualified for violationd of the rules. Attacking another server during grace period is not permitted.

One problem we ran into was that the exploit that the Kab Networks team tried to use seemed to destroy team zions SSH daemon. The roothack staff had to assist Team Zion in getting ssh properly installed on there machine as they were stripped of the only remote access they had.

Open Season - At the launch of open season it was obvious that Team K355/\/41 K1|)|)135’s server was vulnerable to several remote exploits which meant they were the first to be hit. The remaining three teams fought for control of the box, and in the confusion left the box useless. (/bin/login was corrupted)

The Roothack staff decided to format and reinstall the two boxes that were not unoccupied, and open them up to the members of the #roothack chat room for a king of the hill style game. The existing teams were not allowed to touch these boxes for an hour after they were opened up, in an effort to give someone the oppertunity to secure the box and begin admining it as a team for rootwars.

After the hour it appeared that shadez, amgod, and knight420 were in control of orion, and we are still wiating for conformation of who was in control of thrugdush. <— Once we get logs, or someone steps forward, we will let you know.

The hour passed, and the boxes were opened to the existing rootwars teams. This was another fierce battle that we are sure the whitepapers will detail. The Kung Fu Gurus announced a few hours later that they were in fact the new owners of both boxes. (We cant wait to read how this happened.)

Currently, The Kung Fu Gurus are the active admins for 3 of the servers, Team Zion still maintains control of their server, And Team Dynamic still seems to have control of their machine.

As more information comes in, and the status of the games permits, we will be posting more information. We would like to thank all that took part in this game, and ask that you come back and play again. We look forward to reading the whitepapers.