RH Labs still open... RH

[RH] Labs still open… [RH] Erinys, and Thrugdush are still open to the public in the Roothack labs. Hades is being worked on this week and will be open this weekend.

Both open boxes are difficult to compromise, and appear to have not been over the course of the last month. We will be adding a few more vulnerabilities to each box. If you would like a chalange, we would recommend getting in on these boxes.

If you would like the information for connecting, email epic or join #roothack or #chat on irc.hack3r.com

Roothack will soon be holding a team based rootwar, Epic will begin preparing the boxes for it soon. If you would like to get your game on against some skilled security professionals / hackers, this is the time. Please let us know you are interested as soon as posible.