The good and the Bad

The good and the Bad The good news.

Roothack has upgraded the bandwidth to the games and has tweaked the network in a manor that will now support the games better. No more freazing ssh consoles, no more problems with downloads hammering the network. We planned to have a team game this weekend, however…..

The bad news.

With Christmas, and the recent Doctor bills I have taken on, I can not afford to have the boxes on this month. My electricity bill jumps about $45.00 with the suite open and on all month, and as of tonight I have made the decision to turn it all off among implimenting some other money saving things around the house.

I am sorry, I wish this site brought me any sort of income that would support the games, but when money is as tight as it is, I simply can not afford the hobby.

I will let you all know when the suite re-opens. Donations are always accepted. If you want to give RH a nice little christmas present, email me. We sure could use it.


Special Thanks to the following for making donations:
Darklord, epsilon, Cryo, Teck7