In celebration of 16 years, The wargames are back, with sirens single player levels 1-20.

Logs Posted

Rootwars Ended - Call for Papers

Sunday Status

Masters of Deception Owned.

Grace Period Drawing to a Close

Weekend Game Layout and Information

Grace Period Begins…

Back by popular demand…..

The good and the Bad

[RH] Labs still open… [RH]

Roothack Suite additions

Roothack Labs: Weekend Games

Roothack Labs Online - Wargames open

Sparc Station added to the suite…

Rootwars Game to kick off soon!

Roothack Lab - (Dungeon) is operational.

Buffer Overflow Lab Now Available

Public Games Up Again

Public Wargames Open Tonight

Public Wargame Tonight - 7:00 MST

Public Wargames tonight.

Wargame coming…..

Tonights Game Layout

November 1st, 7:00 P.M.- games begin

Preparing new game.

Game layout for tonight.

Call for papers - Game to begin

Another update

Rootwars Status Update

Team Layout for this weekend

Rootwars to begin….

Kicking back into gear….

Boxes are down, Being redone

Boxes are ready for tomorows game

Rootwars to commence this weekend.

Pulltheplug walks away the victor…

Game over

Status Report

Let the games begin….

Deitry Warriors Added

Games Will begin Tonight

Team Zion Added again

Awaiting Team zion

Security Networks Team added

Genstate Added

Gather around, Next game to begin…

Monkies Anonymous Takes a bow…..

Zion declared the champions.

0ffset owned.

Calling all coders…

Team Swingr Rooted…

Rootwars Begins another game

Team Monkies Anonymous added

Team Swinger Added.

Team Zion Added

Team 0ffset Added

Next.. Roll call…

Zion announced the victor.

RootWars Status

Team Darq Tecneeq Entered

Games To begin tonight at 7:00 MST

Team Zion Entered

Team CoS Entered

Team DeFuctIfIKno Entered

Cisco Router Donated..

RootWars Version 2 to gear up…

Rootwars is over!

Rootwars Officially enters open season

RootWars Version 1.0a To Begin

Roothack.Org gearing up official launch

Team 3 Layout

Rootwars is on…

Team 2 Layout

Team 1 Layout

Team 4 Layout

New Style Game to kick off this weekend.

Call for papers

Time to get a new group in

RootWars Status again

Team Layout for tomorows game.

Roll call… Game to begin